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Funding Founders Volume 3 - An equity crowdfunding resource for founders

We're delighted to share the third volume of 'Funding Founders', OnMarket's crowd-sourced funding newsletter.

We created this crowd-sourced funding (CSF), otherwise known as equity crowdfunding, focused newsletter in hopes of packaging the knowledge and experience of founders who have raised capital and industry experts in a short, easy to digest newsletter to provide exclusive insights, tips and applicable resources.

Funding Founders is delivered by OnMarket but created by founders for founders. This resource provides valuable insight for both entrepreneurs who are interested in raising or who have previously raised, enabling them to learn from the oversights and successes from previous founders.

Funding Founders Volume 3 Format

An education piece:

Based on five years of industry development and over 300 successful CSF raises, this resource features a guide on the key pillars that make a crowd-sourced funding raise successful.

Hydrowood as our Alumni Feature:

Learn from Andrew Morgan, Co-Founder of Hydrowood, who raised over $2m from 622 investors through equity crowdfunding. In this newsletter, Andrew reveals his learnings from closing the largest CSF raise in Tasmania to date and discloses what he would do differently if he was to run another CSF offer.

Boulevard as our Partner Feature:

For those who are unaware, companies who raise via CSF engage a share registry to manage their shareholders. In this edition, learn from Matt Mills, Founder of Boulevard, on reasons why a share registry is essential for shareholder management and the biggest mistakes companies without share registries make.

OnMarket's Top Tips:

This section features checklist and resources based on reoccurring obstacles, misunderstandings and challenges revealed by companies whom we work with. Topics covered in this section include the importance of social media advertising, post raise obligations for companies and the reason why investors invest in CSF raises without the promise of financial returns,

Battle of the Founders:

Following huge success in 2022, our three-phase equity crowdfunding competition is back - and interstate! Running in both QLD and NSW, this section provides a summary on the purpose of the competition as well as key dates to be aware of.

We hope you find Funding Founders helpful in achieving your entrepreneurial goals. Please feel welcome to share this resource with others you believe it will benefit.

If you have questions on the information included in Funding Founders Volume 3, or feedback on the topics you'd like to see in the next edition, please email


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