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Funding Founders Volume 2 - Equity crowdfunding news in Australia

We're delighted to share the second volume of 'Funding Founders', OnMarket's equity crowdfunding newsletter. To recap, the purpose of this resource is:

  • For founders who are interested in raising: To provide insightful resources and tips from founders who have raised, as well as experts operating in the space.

  • For founders who have raised: To keep founders updated on the equity crowdfunding space, as well as provide them with access to OnMarket's latest content and resources.

Funding Founders Volume 2 features:

  • An education piece on the four tiers of a crowd and how to build momentum for your campaign

  • Neutrog as our Alumni Feature: Learn from Angus Irwin, Founder & CEO of Neutrog, who raised $3m from 784 investors through equity crowdfunding.

  • Sprintlaw as our Partner Feature: Learn from Alex Solo, Co-Founder of Sprintlaw, on common and avoidable legal mistakes Australian founders make.

  • OnMarket's Top Tips: Download checklists that have been created in response to reoccurring campaign obstacles.

  • Battle of the Founders: A summary on our three-phase competition, highlighting the judges and three winning companies.

We hope you find Funding Founders helpful in achieving your entrepreneurial goals. Please feel welcome to share this resource with others you believe it will benefit.

If you have any questions on the content included in the newsletter, or feedback on the content you'd like to see in the next edition, please email


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