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Why do regional tourism operators need our help more than ever?

Written by Mark Ennor, Founder of BookitDoit.

Here we are again, with large parts of our country devastated by extraordinary weather events. Time and time again regional areas are left finding the courage to pick themselves up and carry on. First, in regards to not having the marketing budget needed to advertise their business on major tourism platforms which reduces their online visibility, and second, by being most vulnerable to damaging weather conditions. It's no surprise small business owners are often the ones that find it the hardest to keep going.

Take Stoney Aqua Park, as an example. This is Stoney Aqua Park before the floods:

... and this is Stoney Aqua park after the recent floods:

“We spent years of building our dream attraction and business, and it was literally taken away in a matter of days. We were devastated. After the long and distressing process of rebuilding, our business is finally up and running again. We look forward to seeing visitor numbers climb back to where they were before. Support of travelling visitors is key to our survival and we welcome them back to enjoy the fun of our Aqua park and accommodation on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW” Annissa, Owner @ Stoney Aqua Park

Businesses similar to Anissa's, who operate in regional areas and rely on travellers, need our help more than ever. We need to spread the word about these incredible experiences that are right under our noses.

It’s no secret that more and more people are venturing throughout our states seeing our vast country’s sights and delights - but the big question is: are people finding everything out there? Or does current tourism platforms favour main tourist attractions?

Major tourist platforms often neglect to show the small regional operators and focus heavily on marketing big tourist attractions.

The highways that have been built are valuable, they are safer and get us to major destinations quicker, but how do people know when to take an exit and what will they find?

So how do we find and support small businesses and communities like Anissa's?

This is where we come in, you and I. BookitDoit, with the backing of Southern Cross Austereo, is setting out to put these off the beaten track places and experiences on the map, all of them! Giving regional operators the visibility they deserve, and giving tourists authentic experiences they deserve.

We’re supporting these places and business, and I invite you to as well. You will be amazed at some of the awesome experiences on offer by some fantastic people working hard with passion to provide truely unique and authentic Aussie tours and attractions, not to mention some wonderful accommodation options in beautiful areas that you’ve maybe never even heard of.

I invite you to jump on, select a State, Region or Area and see what you find, there’s something for everyone! I promise you'll find something you didn't know existed.

Watch the video below for more information:


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