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How Emotions Org aims to drive change as a social enterprise

The way businesses tackle social problems has evolved over the years. Many organisations used to give back to society through corporate social responsibility programs in the form of donations, as well as sponsoring and funding community projects. Today, many companies are reshaping their visions and operations to create shared value for both shareholders and the broader stakeholder environment. Many companies aim to drive mutually beneficial change by re-conceiving products and markets in the form of a social enterprise.

Social enterprises respond to unmet social needs through business-like and innovative means. Recently, social enterprises have sprung into popularity as Yvon Chouinard, the owner of Patagonia, donated all the company’s voting shares to Patagonia Purpose Trust to protect the company values of “saving our home planet.”¹

The South Australian Social Enterprise Council estimates there are over 20,000 social enterprises across Australia, with an estimated 3% contribution to gross domestic product (GDP).²

Using business as a vehicle to drive change is what drives businesses such as Emotions Org. Emotions Org aims to redirect spending on everyday products and donate 50% of the profit to key mental health organisations who support everyday prevalent mental health issues - Beyond Blue, Lifeline & The Black Dog Institute.

Emotions Org develops and sells a range of premium quality, environmentally friendly, and sustainable paper products to consumers and businesses. Emotions Org aims to assist Australians struggling with mental illnesses by supporting organisations on the front line of suicide prevention.

With foundations set and demand growing, Emotions Org have launched their equity crowdfunding campaign to facilitate nationwide growth and expansion opportunities.

View the investment opportunity here to register your interest.

Please consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing.

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