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2022 Battle of the Founders: Competition summary

On August 26th, 2022, OnMarket held the first Battle of the Founders. This equity crowdfunding competition was created in collaboration with Fishburners to provide Australian founders comprehensive insight on capital raising and pitch refinement, as well as the chance to win an equity crowdfunding raise, with no up front costs, to propel their business growth.

The equity crowdfunding competition comprised of three-phases;

  • Firstly, a keynote presentation for education

  • Secondly, a pitch workshop for pitch refinement

  • Lastly, a pitch night, where the six finalists battled for $50,000 worth of prizes

How were the six finalists decided? After the pitch workshop, those who attended had the opportunity to submit an entry. From there, six finalists were chosen to proceed to the pitch night, and received feedback on how to engage the judges and audience.

On the pitch night, three external judges selected the winner and runner up, and in true crowdfunding style, the crowd selected their favourite. This year, our judging panel included Issac Elnekave from 1Question , Rose Herceg from WPP, and Peter Brocklebank from BeingIconic.

The incredible finalists were Tom Lipczynski from Vpply, Stephanie Bofinger from Fempro Armour, Alexander Slade from Axon Energy, Justin Wastnage from Vloggi, Brendan Murphy from willHQ, and Tam Al-Saad from Foura.

With an audience of 250 individuals to cheer them on, Brendan and Vern from willHQ, Steph from Fempro Armour, and Tam from Foura were announced winner, runner up, and crowd favourite.

OnMarket and Fishburners are thrilled with the start-up community's engagement and participation in the competition. Bring on the Battle of the Founders in 2023!


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