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Sophisticated Investor Application

To qualify as a Sophisticated Investor, you must:

  • Have a gross personal income over the last 2 years of at least $250,000, or

  • Have net assets of over at least $2.5 million

 If this describes you, please complete the form below.

OnMarket Investment Profiles

Which OnMarket Investment Profiles would you like to certify? At least one is required. You can set up as many Investment Profiles as you need OnMarket. Please tell us the nicknames of those you would like certified below.

Member Details

If you do not have an active Investment Profile OnMarket, we will not be able to verify you as Sophisticated. You can go here to complete your profile:

Please separate multiple entries by a comma ","

Accountant's Contact Details

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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